As predicted by George Orwell in his book 1984......

Big Brother is alive and well and watching you!

The cash cow red light SCAMeras haven't come to Moreno Valley YET, but they are being installed in Riverside and if you get caught by one of these devices the fine is $350.00.

The good news is there is lots of information on the web to help you defend yourself from these highway bandits. Go to the bottom of this page and type red light camera in the search field. You will find sprays that will disguise your license plate and lots of other great information. Be sure to check your local laws before using any of these products. To help fight the traffic fine onslaught, Moval News recommends The National Motorists Association.

As of January 1st using and selling products to make your license plate invisible to the Ticket sCameras becomes illegal.

Here are the Riverside Red Light Camera locations

Allesandro and Sycamore Canyon Boulevards

Main and Columbia

Indiana and Van Buren

Indiana and Arlington

Market and University

Chicago and Third

Tyler Street and Magnolia Avenue

Tyler and Indiana

Mission Inn Avenue and Lime Street

Van Buren Boulevard and Trautwine Road

Chicago Avenue and Martin Luther King Boulevard

Canyon Crest Drive and Central Avenue

University and Iowa

Van Buren Boulevard and Arlington Avenue

Van Buren and Wood Road

14th St and Mulberry St (Highway 91 ramp)