Moreno Valley Checkpoints


This was received in a recent e-mail (interesting)

On February 2010,  OTS who funds these checkpoints sent a private investigator to observe the checkpoints and found VIOLATIONS on behalf of Moreno Valley Police Department.   
One of the violations were that they were not following OTS guidelines...    NO TOWER LIGHTS OR SIGNS.  OTS granted them an additional $ 20, 000.00,  for the purchase of tower lights.    Furthermore,   Moreno Valley Police Department was WARNED by OTS!
   (OTS = state Office of Traffic Safety)

Sept 2, just received information that this was a result of a complaint by the Moreno Valley Parents Association.

Groups Involved In The Checkpoints

Moreno Valley Masonic Lodge on Sunnymead Blvd (frequent host for checkpoints)

Home Depot on Pigeon Pass (when contacted they denied involvement and said their parking lot was used without their permission, according to a reliable source)


Previous Checkpoint Locations

Alessandro and Day

Cactus and Joy (near Graham)

LaSalle between Krameria and Rojo Tierra

Pigeon Pass, just north of the freeway and at Old Lake

Sunnymead Blvd near Perris

Perris in front of the city yard (at Santiago)


more to come

Riverside County Libertarian Party Resolution on Moreno Valley Checkpoints


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Here's the video from PBS on driver's license checkpoints -- in connection with the article that came out in the NY Times